Kelly Faetanini & BAYarts Wedding | Brittany Graham Photography | Cleveland, Ohio

What do you get when mix a gorgeous couple, a Kelly Faetanini dress, Tom's Wedges, a cart full of Trader Joe's Flowers, BAYarts, Sweet Melissa, the East Coast Custard Ice Cream Truck, and a perfect August day? Only the most spectacular wedding ever, of course!

I have been anticipating this wedding for years! Alicia is one of my dearest friends (who also happens to be my lovely cousin) and I knew from the moment I met Tim at one of our annual trick-or-treat extravaganzas that one day I'd be watching them say "I do". They compliment each other so perfectly and to finally see them make it official was an honor beyond words. 

Enough with the sappiness, scroll down to see the wedding of the year ;)

Romantic Sunset Engagement Session | Brittany Graham Photography | Cleveland, Ohio

This romantic sunset engagement session is part one of my evening out with Nicole and Curtis. I loved everything about this shoot - from how beautiful and animated this couple is, to the perfect summer evening attire they adorned. I can only imagine how gorgeous their wedding will be next year!

Part Two coming shortly :)