5 Minutes: Learning | Cleveland Lifestyle Photographer

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Last week my nephew was over for dinner. He's 2 and a half. We are so obviously not a child-familiar household, as we we spent the entire "meal" either telling him to sit down or staring at him in disgust. He joyfully spent his time dipping bread into his mashed up meal, stuffing his slimy little hand in his mouth to properly place what his fork had failed to do, and rubbing and pounding said hand all over the table. Oh and belly laughing in-between each bite, leaving little bits of sogginess strewn all around his place setting. Honestly, I don't know how parents do it day in and day out. 

So after all of that, why I thought it would be fun to photograph Luke eating a banana is beyond me. How it went through post production and now here, into this little journal of mine, yet another mystery. Alas, here it is. Bon Appetit. 

Colors of Winter | Cleveland Food Photographer

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While I know that winter in Cleveland doesn't really begin until mid to late January, I still think of it as ending after the holiday's. Every year, my mind plays this little trick on me. Which is funny, really, as I love the winter. Maybe it's the whole new year's resolution thing - I always want to declutter, organize and deep clean the house. I suppose it's only natural that my mind interprets cleaning with spring. Maybe?

Anyway. It's snowing right now and blistering cold. I'm wearing a scarf and a hat, with a cup of hot tea balancing in my lap. The dogs are intertwined into one as they snooze on the couch and the cat is asleep on his favorite radiator. Whatever game my mind is playing, there is no denying that winter has only just begun.

But then I remember what is sitting in my fruit bowl, and with the cheerful colors hidden beneath the thick peel of winter's fruit, again, I am daydreaming of blue skies and curtains dancing in the wind...