PORTRAIT GIVEAWAY! by Brittany Graham

Last week we hit the 700+ "Like" mark on Facebook. To celebrate, and say thank you for all the love, we opened up entry for a FREE Portrait Session! 

Please leave a comment below stating who YOU think should win and the one with the most votes wins the session :)


"i'm attaching a picture of my 18 month old son, Cole. he is our only child (so far) and we've had lots of shoots because i love capturing him at different stages of his life. his last shoot was for his first birthday in the spring- in which he woke up with puffy eyes and a double ear infection.would love for a new shoot, now 6 months later to capture his growth (and non-puffy eyes) and embrace the season!"



"I would love win a photo session for my husband and I. Here is why:

We met in 1996. And, immediately fell in love. It was like a whirlwind. We moved in together within a week and got engaged a few weeks later. I think everyone thought we were crazy and for sure thought we would never last. Four years later, we welcomed our beautiful son Tyler. And, 10 years after we met, we finally married. We had a small wedding, with about 45 people in attendance. We also had a very small, tight budget. This meant that we skimped on a few things. One of those things was a photographer. We have very few pictures from that night. And, the ones we do have aren't the best quality. When I look back, that is the one thing I regret about that night, not hiring a great photographer! We never had engagement photos. We don't have many wedding photos and we don't have, in EIGHTEEN years together, any good pictures of us together! We need that! Our anniversary is coming up on December 8th and I would love nothing more than a photography session with my favorite photographer, Brittany Graham. Your style and your eye are amazing. And, every photo we have had taken by you, is the most superior quality. It truly captures the moment perfectly! This would be a dream come true for us. It would mean the world to me to have a great photograph with my husband."


"This is a fabulous, fun idea! I hope you get lots of entries! I would like to nominate us for the portrait giveaway. The reason is we haven't had professional pictures taken of the kids in several years. It is not something we are able to fit into our budget at this time and I would love to be able to have a new family picture to give to our families."



"Hi there! I would like to nominate my new little man, Odin, for the giveaway! Once you see his picture, you'll know why. My husband and I are recently married and about a month ago, we decided to bring Odin into our home. He's our spoiled rotten baby right now, but pretty soon, he'll be embarking on his training journey to become a hearing assistance dog :) 

I would love to capture his sweet puppy face on some amazing photos. He's growing like a weed and as the first "baby" of the family, he's loved more than he knows. I hope you'll vote for Odin!"



"Baby Storch deserves a portrait session! :-)  He or she has been waiting patiently for their debut into the world and to be loved on and fussed over!  Who is more deserving then someone who has never had their picture taken before??  What a way to commemorate his/her arrival!💗💙❤️"

Baby Storch


Introducing Hazel Elizabeth (Part One) | Cleveland Birth Photographer by Brittany Graham

Words cannot express how excited I was to photograph the birth of little Hazel. Just 18 months earlier, I witnessed the birth of her older brother, Arlo, and have since documented the better part of his life. I have frequently joked that I have more photos of this family than I do my own, and now with the addition of this little one, I'm sure the best is yet to come.

Welcome to the world, Hazel.

This is part one of the series, documented in the wee early hours of the morning.