Living life unhurried, opting outside, navigating motherhood, day dreaming, exploring, going by bike, and concocting delicious grub all along the way.


"The first person to catch a fish gets a buck," my uncle reminded us as the boat turned out  of the lagoon and out into the open water.

The sun was just beginning to rise, with the warm hues reflecting off of the gentle ripples, which seemed to extend out farther than I could even imagine. The fishing line jolted and the bobber plunged beneath surface. As I heard my uncle's shoe squeak against the floor of the boat, I quickly turned to see. There it was, an eight point buck swimming about 4 miles off the Vermillion shore. He was right, the first person to catch a fish got a buck.

To this day, that is one of my favorite childhood memories. About six months earlier, I had received my very first camera, a Canon AE-1, and "the day of the deer" day was the first, and last time, I ever left my house without a camera in tow.

I photograph the everyday. The highlights of life, the imperfections, the beauty of nature, the chaos of the kitchen. 

I am constantly evolving. I am a wanderer, an observer, and am far too curious for my own good. I enjoy the simple things in life, the in between moments, belly laughs, and bicycles. An activist, a traveler, a wannabe gardener, homebody, introvert. I feel most alive in the great outdoors, with my better half and our little bean by my side. 



What was once a site solely dedicated to my wedding and lifestyle client work, has evolved into so much more. 

I'm a Jane of many trades, but mostly I love to cook, practice yoga, take photos, and hang out with my two favorite people. This site is sort of a homage to whatever it is that's striking my fancy at any given moment. With all of my client work in between ;) 

Thank's for stopping by!

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