A Little Self Realization...

" I saved the paper towel roll from work for Seamus to play with. Does that mean I am now a cat lady?" My sister promptly replied, " I think you've always been a cat lady. Now you just have a cat."

At first I laughed at her response, but then I realized what a true statement it was. I've always fancied myself a dog person, and still do, but now with the addition of Seamus I'm realizing that there is no more hiding the fact that we are "that" couple. The couple who who has animals in lieu of entertaining any thought of having human children. We have a little zoo here and I'm quite fond of it.

Seamus is a jerk. He runs and not only pounces your feet, but wraps all four legs around yours (sometimes upside down, I swear) while biting your ankles. He loves to chew toes and don't be surprised if he wraps his entire body around your hand while you're petting him. It's not a hug, I assure you. He is plotting the best spot to latch his jaw around.

He loves computers. Especially their cables, the mouse and keyboard. He likes to bat at your fingers while you type, and isn't afraid to add in his own commentary mid sentence. The external hard drive is his favorite place to nap.

At least a dozen times I have cursed my printer for not working, only to realize that, yet again, it had been unplugged. I can never find my favorite pen, as it seems to also be Seamus' favorite - so much so he worries it may be dehydrating on a daily basis, as nine times out of ten I will find it in his water bowl.

I was introducing him to my next door neighbor, i.e. pointing up to the window he likes to sit in, when he decided to show off his parkour skills. He was scaling the window screen in my office. All four legs spread as wide as can be with his face smashed right in the middle.

He stole the dogs' stuffed squirrel. He wrestles it for several hours a day. Sometimes he passes out mid roll. He also likes to randomly pass out while batting at the leash hanging from the credenza. By pass out, I mean sprawled out on his back, belly up and legs in every direction. Oh, with his mouth open and tongue hanging out. Once I though he was dead, until I got close enough for him to peek one little eye open, do a complete ninja flip and grab on to my leg for a ride to couch.

On the other hand, he is a complete doll and a sweetheart. He never stops purring. Ever. Even when he is crying (more on that in a minute) he is purring in between "meow's".

If you go and sit next to him on the couch while he is asleep, he will slither right over to you and plop himself right across your belly. Without even opening his eyes. When he's really feisty, he'll start doing somersaults. Not just rolling around clumsily, I mean full head tucked somersaults. I don't know, maybe all cats do that ( I really wouldn't know) but it gets me every time.

When he is done annoying me while I'm working, he'll climb over the computer (yes, over the screen) and into my lap, curling up ever so tight and snuggling in for the afternoon.

Oh yeah, his cries... Basically the most heartbreaking sound I have ever heard. While Petey and Tank whine, they really are more like children in that it annoys me more than anything. It's a whine, not a cry and I typically ignore it as I feel as though I would be giving into bad behavior. Seamus, however, let's out these little cries in the morning when he knows we are up but haven't come to greet him yet. Or when I put him back in the office before he has had ample house wandering time. It's the saddest, most pitiful thing I have ever heard. I liken it to what normal people feel when they hear a baby crying. I could just scoop him up and snuggle him to pieces. And typically that is exactly what I do (until he bats at my face one too many times).

While I like to think that I like Seamus so much because really, he is so much like a dog, I suppose it is true in that I am indeed a cat lady...Seamus_0001