A Morning at the Beach

There is something about being at the beach when the air is crisp that puts me in a completely relaxed state of mind. We only come to this beach in the off season as we aren't actually members, but I'm not sure I'd enjoy it as much any other time of year. It's always empty when we go and the time seems to slow down a bit. Honestly, it's mornings like this that make feel as though there is nowhere else in the entire world I'd rather be. The boys go exploring, Ryan skips stones and I just soak it all in. Oh how I love the beach in the winter...tt-1tt-2tt-4tt-5tt-6tt-7tt-8tt-9tt-10tt-11tt-12tt-13tt-14tt-15tt-16tt-17tt-18tt-19tt-20tt-21tt-22tt-23tt-24tt-25tt-26tt-27tt-28