A Morning with the H Family | Cleveland Lifestyle Photographer


After about the 38th time of fetching his toy from the hallway, Maverick brought it back into the nursery and joyfully tossed it about. While Oggie was busy getting belly rubs, Maverick had somehow managed to toss his duck  directly under the bassinet. Just as quickly as he was to retrieve it, he dropped to the floor and slowly, cautiously inched his snout underneath. With only the grace of a lab, he gently pulled the toy out and away before pouncing back into play mode, ready for Erik to throw it, yet again, down the hall. 

It really is amazing to see how well animals adapt to little ones being introduced into their packs. I am sure it is in their nature, to a certain point, but I definitely attribute it to excellent parenting as well. While, sadly, some pups get pushed to the side once kids are entered into the mix, I think it is safe to say that Oggie and Maverick were anything but. They dote upon little Sonny just as much as their parents dote upon them. All in all, this is one love filled home.

And on a side note, toward the end you may notice the moment they realized that Sonny got his first tooth!