A Walk with Layla (the 3-legged boxer) {Cleveland Pet Photography}

Layla is quite the little celebrity where ever she goes, so taking a little jaunt with her was quite comical. Not only do people frequently stop her on the street for a quick pet (and usually a photo or two), but she is quick to take breaks and enjoy the scenery (she's not picky - she's just as happy on the street corner sidewalk as she is in some cool green grass!). Let me show you what a typical walk in the life of a 3-legged dog is like...

Oh, hello there strange man. Yes, you may take my photo! Be sure to tag me on  Facebook!

I needed a water break anyway.

Yup. I'll claim this tree. And chill here for a bit:)

Mom, can we get a sweet porch like this?!


Never mind. Let's go!

Ooooo, some new friends!

Why don't they want to play?!

No worries, I have better things to do!

Like pretend to not know how cute I am...

And catch some zzz's on the corner.

Well, mom, that was fun. Now drive me home.

If you are in the mood to read a sad tale with a happy ending, PLEASE check out Layla's Fan page on Facebook! It's stories like hers that make me proud to live in a community where people really do step up and advocate for homeless and abandoned pups. Stay posted as Layla will be gracing the blog again in the near future!