And so it is May...

April was a funny month. It started off crazy busy, then it settled down a bit for me to catch up  before my crazy season  actually begins. It also gave me some time to reflect on how to balance my business with my home life. Something I will probably always struggle with to some degree - as I'm sure most small business owners do. With that said, I do feel as though I have found a balance I am happy with for the moment. That balance is to keep things separate, at least when it comes to blogging:)

I had high ambitions to blog 3 days a week, and I have been blogging (or at least prepping my personal blog), just not on my photography page. I have decided to keep that blog simply for photographs, with perhaps my occasional 2 cents on small business. On the flip side, I finally got my personal blog up and running. Something I hope will in turn push me with my business, but more on that later.

My personal blog is no secret, so please feel free to check it out! I just had a hard time discussing my personal goals and family adventures on a page where I am featuring beautiful weddings and introducing newborns. Just my preference to keep them separate:)

So again, feel free to follow along. I may even post some links to it from time to time:)

Here is to a fabulous, fabulous May and to a fun filled season!