Baking Kolachky

Every year, sometime around the holiday's, I make my dad a batch of Kolachky. The original recipe, passed down from his mother, to my mother, who taught my aunt, who in turn wrote out the recipe and finally taught me. I've been a part of making them ever since I can remember, though I've officially been making them on my own now for the better part of 8 or so years. 

This year they are extra meaningful, as we've had 60+ degree days for most of December and truth be told, I'm just not feeling the holiday season. The tree is up, gifts are wrapped, but the fact that I barely need a scarf, let alone a coat makes it feel like a fake Christmas (I'm not even saying it has to snow, but COME ON! A little frost would be nice!). Anyway, after I put on a little Billie Holiday and made my dad his usual present (sorry to spoil the surprise, dad), it's finally feeling a little more festive in the house.