Ben + Andrew {Cleveland Newborn Photography}

If you've followed my blog for a bit, you've probably realized that my main focus is real life and raw emotion. Or maybe you haven't. Anyhow, this may have been my all time favorite newborn session - and NOT just because they are my nephews! Ben grew up with a camera shoved in face (and I'm pretty positive that Andrew will have that same experience). He gets annoyed with the camera at times, but as soon as he opens up to the fact that I'm not putting my camera away, he becomes the poster child model. He certainly does not do what I ask, but he does what I want - he ignores me and doesn't ham it up. He gives me that raw emotion I seek from every session. One minute he's super giggly and the next he is serious and deep in thought. I hope Andrew took notes through the session!

As for Andrew, he is simply perfect. I doubt he will ever fully understand how perfect his timing was, how much he was meant to be, and just how loved he really is. This was officially his second photo shoot in just 4 short days of life,  but I guess it's just prepping him for the many years to come of "Aunt B" being around!