Chris + Andrew Made it Official! {Cleveland Wedding Photographer, Milwaukee Wedding Photographer}

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing my cousin's wedding in Milwaukee. Chris' friend, Tyler, posted the following on Facebook a few days after this fantastic Milwaukee Commitment Ceremony. I cannot tell you how thrilled it made me to see how much support my cousin has in his life.

"I attended a wedding this weekend of two people who could not be more in love, whose family could not love them more, whose friends shared in the love, and had a fantastic time. I have contemplated it the last couple days of how much fun I had and how it is a shame Wisconsin does not recognize their marriage. Its not about religion, raising a family, etc., marriage is about love. I am proud of my friend for having a wedding in Wisconsin, making that life commitment to his husband, letting me share in the celebration, even if Wisconsin won't recognize it like it does between me and my spouse. Congratulations Chris, I recognize your marriage and could not be happier for you."

Chris and Andrew, I am so proud of you two and so honored to have been a part of your big day, as well as a part of your family. I recognize your marriage and wish you many decades of happiness!

We started the day off having brunch at Cafe Central. I must say, I wish we had a brunch spot like this in Cleveland!

Look there, a photo of me! One of maybe 5 taken all year!

Chris' grandma melts my heart. I loved her expression when she walked in and saw Chris in his wedding day best. We rode in rickshaws from the ceremony to the reception!