Kristen + Ryan's Country Inspired Wedding

(POSTE DISCLAIMER: This post is ridiculously long!)

Oh how I loved this wedding, let me count the ways...

1. We had a perfectly planned Wedding Day Timeline. In fact, it was planned so well we were ahead of schedule the whole day - which any wedding photographer can tell you, this rarely (if ever) happens!

2. Who doesn't love shooting in the country?! The ceremony took place in the most adorable little white church that was literally in the middle of corn fields.

3. The whole wedding was decorated with old cider jugs, vintage crates, big, bright sunflowers, mason jars and homemade signs created with shovels and broken fences.

4. The reception took place on family property! "Backyard" receptions are always my favorite:)

5. Beverages were kept cool in an old row boat filled with ice. A big thing on Pinterest, but she actually recreated it!

6. They played corn hole and horseshoes. Who isn't up for yard games on a warm summer evening?!

7.  In addition to the guests actively partaking in games throughout the yard, the dance floor was also a big hit. Who knew you could successfully accomplish both!?

8. They had a cupcake table AND a pie table!

9. This entire wedding was planned in less than 5 months (most of it from Florida!).

10. Kristen and Ryan may be one of the cutest, sweetest couples I have ever had the please of meeting. I'm pretty sure they were giggling the entire day. No, I'm positive they were:)

Kristen and Ryan, thank you so much for having me be a part of your big day. It was beyond an honor:) 

I wish you two all the best in this new chapter.

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This is how the rings were carried by the Ring bearer. k-7 k-8 k-9 k-10 k-11 k-12 k-13 k-14

I love this picture of Kristen's dad after seeing her for the first time in her wedding dress. k-15 k-16 k-17 k-18

This is how they were the entire day!k-19 k-20 k-21

Could that church be any cuter?! k-22 k-23 k-24 k-25 k-26 k-27 k-28 k-29 k-30 k-31 k-32 k-33 k-34 k-35 k-36 k-38 k-39 k-40

A perfectly planned timeline allows you to kick it on the couch before the ceremony:) k-41 k-42 k-43 k-44 k-45 k-46 k-47 k-48 k-49 k-50 k-51 k-52 k-53 k-54 k-55 k-56 k-57 k-58 k-59 k-60 k-61 k-62 k-63 k-64 k-65 k-66 k-67 k-68 k-69 k-70 k-71 k-72 k-73 k-74 k-75 k-76 k-77 k-78 k-79 k-80 k-81 k-82 k-83 k-84 k-85 k-86 k-87 k-88 k-89 k-90 k-91 k-92 k-93 k-94

And the best is yet to come.