A Morning Vacation

Vacation is a state of mind. That's what I tell myself, at least. Somedays I think I would globe trot 10 months out of the year if I could, and other days I feel so happy and content in our too-big-for-us house and soaking in the fleeting moments in between the day to day grind. Right now I am am sort of in between... I'm longing to travel, but home just feels so great.

The other morning, while drinking coffee with the whole house open, music on the stereo, and hanging out with my two favorite people, I found myself questioning what exactly I was looking for in regards to traveling. And while there is a whole list of things, ultimately it came down to photographing more, just for me. Story of my life really, but the truth is that there is nothing keeping me from doing so. So, I grabbed my camera, threw the little one in the stroller, and off we went. We ended up at Lakewood Garden Center, not far from home, and it couldn't have lifted my spirits more. Garden centers are my version of candy store and if given the time, I'd spend hours upon hours at them. But I settled for a quick stroll around the grounds, snapping away at whatever struck my fancy. Ada was as content as could be, and I left with a happy heart, a camera full of snapshots, and a Boston Fern. If that's not all the feels you get after vacation, I don't know what is.