Los Angeles: Part One | Travel Photographer

My best friend has been in Los Angeles for over 4 years now, and last summer I finally made it out to visit. It was a quick trip, something like four days, but it was perfect. As she worked during the day, I was left to explore on my own, making this my first semi-solo trip. I've got to admit, it was quite peaceful having no agenda, no one else to accommodate, and nothing but beautiful scenery in any given direction. 

I have two confessions from the trip. One, I only went to L.A. because Allie lives there, I honestly had zero interest in it otherwise. With that being said, I am SO happy I went. It is beyond gorgeous. Though anyone who has been there already knows this. Two, it was this trip that made me realize how old I am. I no longer crave the busyness of the city, and much to my surprise, on each adventure, I found myself driving farther and farther from downtown or the likes. 

I am embarrassed to say that I have no idea where these images were taken. I could, I suppose, figure it out relatively easily, but I sort of fancy the mystery. I just drove until I didn't feel like it anymore, stumbled upon this park and off I went.