Monday Mashup

Well, here goes nothing. I'm on the blogging kick again. Hoping this time it sticks ;) I feel like I always have 500 projects I want to be working on yet I never actually accomplish any of them. Story of most people's lives, right?

Well, 2016 has a lot going on for me, both personally and professionally, and I feel like my "off-season" has been well spent. I've gotten into some better habits, I feel way more organized (or as my brother-in-law once said, I've "tightened up my life"), and I truly feel like I am exactly where I ought to be. I still have a few more weeks before my season officially begins, but I'm so rejuvenated and ready to dive right in. So I figured I'd start with blogging again!

Monday Mashup.

A few random tidbits from the past week...

  • We celebrated my nephew's 7th birthday yesterday. What?!? I feel like it was just a few months ago that I was pacing the hospital halls with my sister, eagerly awaiting his big debut. Happy Birthday, Ben!
  • We have been rearranging rooms in my house - which means I sort of have a new office! While that has been fun, we are repainting the "old" office and I feel like the upstairs of my house is finally coming together! And it has only taken 4.5 years :)
  • I went to Ikea for the first time. Holy hell, sensory overload! It's like Disney World for adults. While we did venture through the entire store (and warehouse), I am so happy that I knew exactly what I was looking for. Ok, so I bought a few extra items, but considering how cheap it all is, I think it added, literally, $12 to my total bill. Win-win.
  • Spring fever is in full force. I'm ready to ditch the winter coat and open all my windows!
  • Oh yeah, I have a NEW WEBSITE! Woot Woot! So browse around, let me know what you think!!!!!

And because no post should ever be without a photo or two. How adorable is this duo?!