My Office.

There was a time, and for quite awhile, that I had office envy. I knew of other people, working from home, who had the coolest offices imaginable. They had a theme and spray painted, flea market furniture. I wanted that! I would come home, throw my bag on the floor and think, while sulking, "My work would be so much better if I had cool curtains." When we first moved to our house (where my little space is), I had high ambitions of ripping up the carpet, tearing down the ugly border and curtains, and painting the walls. I had plans to build my own desk and a custom shelving unit (pulled from Pintrest, of course). My Freshly painted walls would be filled with artwork and the shelves filled with books that inspire me. Then life happened, none of my plans were followed through, and I finally realized that my office was exactly how I wanted it to be.

I look around and think, "What a perfectly messy, hodgepodge of an office. Man am I lucky to come here to work everyday!". And I mean it. My office is a collection of random pieces of furniture from different stages of my life - a credenza from my childhood living room, a "storage" tower that Ryan got me for Christmas one year (yes, I like to put things on top of the storage boxes vs inside of them), a couch from my first apartment, chairs from our first kitchen table, a folding table for a desk and a lot of wooden crates stacked in different manners to create shelves. You may be thinking, "Oh, how eclectic!". But you would be wrong. It's just a ridiculous hodgepodge and it's very me.

I love my office. I love it for being the new home of all the little treasures from my life leading up to this point. I love it because I have the coolest job ever and this is where I go to work. I love it because when I stand in the door way and look in, I know that it's my own little corner of the world. Not to mention, I get to take my dogs to work every day!

So here you have it. My office, as is, no dusting, organizing, tidying up. This is it. And today, I wouldn't change a thing about it:)


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