A Tropical October

I was driving to the grocery store when I had the overwhelming urge to decorate for fall. October was just a few days away and pumpkins and mums and cornstalks were cluttering my mind. So instead of turning left into the grocery store parking lot, I continued going straight. Straight to the nursery. I envisioned an assortment of mums, maybe some white pumpkins, probably whatever was fresh in my mind from Pinterest that morning. Something not really me, but rather who I thought I should be. 

Walking around the nursery is my idea of retail therapy. I could go there everyday all day and still feel like I haven't gotten enough. I did an initial lap, as I usually tend to do. Absorbing all that that there is to take in before deciding exactly what I wanted. Being the very beginning of autumn, I've got the pick of the lot. All of the perfect pumpkins are still overflowing the wooden bins and the mums are still tightly closed - their whole beautiful lives awaiting them.

But then I took a different turn, and somehow ended up in the way back with all the reject plants. The plants who have outstayed their welcome on the main displays and slowly making their way closer to the compost piles. And that is when I saw the little tree you see above. No tag, no price. Just laying on it's side in container far too small for it's thriving roots. I grabbed an employee and inquired about it. What it was, how to take care of it, etc. 

She sold it to me for $12. I went in looking for fall whatever, and left with a tropical hibiscus. A tree that must be outside during the warm months and inside during the cold. In other words, high maintenance. I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship.