Picking Paint

One of the many joys of moving into your new home is going to town on making it yours. Our first step, aside from fixing the tiny crack (yes, it was literally only about 1/2 an inch long!) in the kitchen, was to fully paint the downstairs before ripping up carpet and redoing the floors. And so began choosing colors. This was extremely difficult for me, as I am insanely indecisive when it comes to such matters... UNTIL the clouds parted as I turned the page while going through an old issue of Better Homes and Garden. I cut out every color on the page and began the hunt for exact replicas - this was after I attempted to find the exact matches, only to find I liked the poor magazine print copies better than the actual colors they were featuring.

After several paint swatches, a half dozen paint samples, and many sample sections on the walls, here is what we have settled on...

I know what you must be thinking... "Are you painting a preschool?!?".... But I swear, in the layout of our house, the colors flow quite nicely, and definitely gives it the qliche World Market  feel I was going for:)