Stephanie + Ryan: Married!

The rain held steady the entire morning of Stephanie and Ryan's wedding. It definitely had me a bit nervous, as I wasn't fully sure where we would go as back up plan. Lucky for me the church had a lovely awning and gorgeous pillars, so we definitely could get something. That said, it just goes to show that when you simply go with the flow, things always seem to work out. As soon as we finished doing group shots at the church, the rain seized and we still had plenty of time to go to the park, as our original plan had stated! Stephanie and Ryan are a perfect example of why I love what I do so much. They each have such a radiant glow when they see each other. Like everything else has vanished. It's exactly how a bride and groom should be on their wedding day, and I get to capture that! (Not to mention they, too, had one of the BEST bridal parties ever! These two are so lucky to have such an awesome group of friends and siblings.)

Congratulations, Stephanie and Ryan! It was such an honor documenting your big day!

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