Such a sad little yard... {Cleveland Photographer}

I am determined to have a green thumb. Last year was spent mostly pulling weeds, bulbs, dead plants and the like from the little "flower beds" that border our house. I spent many a summer days pretending to garden - really I was just ripping everything up, fully thinking that I could immediately replant something new. As I did no research whatsoever in regards to yard work, I quickly learned that is simply doesn't work that way and it was a very unsuccessful season. This season I am far more prepared! I did my research and I actually have a legit plan of action. I have resigned to the fact that I will not be planting in the ground this year, instead it will be a season of rejuvenating the soil and prepping it for next year. All things worth having (like a beautiful yard) come to those who are patient. I can be patient. At least, I'll give it a try.

Here is what our sad little yard looks like today...