Welcoming Brooks Anthony {Cleveland Birth Photography}

A few months back I received an email unlike any other I've ever received. It was an inquiry about birth photography. I was beyond excited as I'd been waiting for an opportunity like this since I photographed my sister's first birth. That said, I was also beyond nervous! I desperately wanted to photograph a birth but I was apprehensive that due to my hectic schedule I may end up missing it! After meeting with Erica, discussing what she was envisioning and seeing how calm she was about the whole situation, my nervousness quickly disappeared. Instead of fretting over the timing, the fact that this is a one shot deal, or the fact that I had so little experience doing such a project, I simply waited for the call.

Then last Thursday I received a text around 10pm that she was having contractions. By 8am she still wasn't progressing far enough to go to the hospital. By that evening, things had pretty much stopped. The next thing I knew, it was Wednesday and I received notice that she was informed that she would probably deliver by Saturday. Three hours later, she was officially in labor and headed to the hospital. I arrived at 1am, just 34 minutes before little Brooks entered this world:)

Congratulations Erica and Mike! Words cannot explain how amazing it was to be a part of such an incredible mile stone for you two:)

*Please note: This is a long post!