Dagny the Border Collie | Cleveland Pet Photographer

I spent a few summers as a child up on a farm in Pennsylvania where they had a border collie named Tucker. I was head over heels in love with that dog and have longed for a border collie of my own ever since. For one reason or another, I've still never gotten one, but after meeting Dagny, I think my heart is set again. Maybe my next pup :)

Dagny is the precious new addition to my friend Arabelle's family. She may be the cutest puppy I have ever met, and I mean that in complete honesty. I mean, I'll admit that there are very few pups who I don't think are insanely adorable, but again, Dagny pulled at my heart strings for sure. She is perfect in every way. It took all I had to not let her climb in my bag as I was leaving ;)

Congratulations  on the new little one Arabelle + Matt! She's the bee's knees!

Dogs in the CLE Mascots | Cleveland Pet Photographer

If you haven't checked out Dogs in the CLE, please do! It's a blog all about things to do with your pup in Cleveland. In other words, one of the coolest Cleveland resources out there. 

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Olive | Cleveland Pet Photographer

Name: Olive

Age: 4 years

Breed: pit bull

Favorite Food: Hot Dogs

Olive's Story: Kevin and I lived in an apartment downtown until May of 2014. One of the main factors that led us to consider buying a house was that we really wanted to get a dog. We bought the house with the fenced yard and applied to meet Olive as soon as we were settled. We worked with For the Love of Pits and we got Olive on June 30, 2014! We wanted to adopt a pit bull because my parents have taken in a couple that needed homes and they proved to be the best family dogs that fit in nicely with our lifestyle. I thought it was important to try to take in a dog that might have trouble finding a home otherwise.