A Winter Morning With Eddie {Cleveland Pet Photographer}

"Eddie is a 2 yr old black lab mix. He is a rescue. A coworker of mine found him walk as a pup in the middle of traffic! She pulled over he jumped in- hours later I gave him a home!! He is a runner and participates in 5ks. He is high energy! I run him a lot then he sleeps like a baby. He is food motivated and will do anything for a treat! He does basic commands and does a great high five! He usually is on a leash but I do have him off at times. He goes nuts for squirrels and rabbits!! He loves running in the metro parks in Rocky river. I like to dress him up for holidays, my friends tell me I'm cruel but I tell them, he was on the streets homeless- I gave him the " good life" the lest he can do is let me dress him up. Like I mentioned above he is rescue! I worked with adults with special needs and I am a firm believer that there are special people that are out on this earth to help people with special needs .. I often refer to Eddie as my special dog because he came to me for a reason. Sometimes I think it's to take all money and hog all of the bed. But he is the best first dog a girl could ask for.. Right now our family is Eddie and I.. However I do refer to my boyfriend as his dad, haha!" - Adrienne

I love hearing/reading how dogs have found their way into people's hearts and homes:)