Darwin Dogs: The Mascots {Cleveland Pet Photography}

First, if I could turn this house into my permanent studio, I would in a heartbeat! It was a photographer's dream location with all of that natural light - and mind you, it IS February in Cleveland:) Second, I LOVE pet sessions. LOVE them. (Can I emphasis that any more?!) Which is why I have teamed up with Darwin Dogs this year and we will be featuring quite a few NE Ohio pups in the coming months. I cannot recommend Kerry and Danika enough in regards to training/walking your dogs. Amazing, I tell ya. So, here are Kerry's "other" children, two dogs and a cat:)

Simply LOVED this session. (Plus, I was treated to some delicious cake afterwards!)darwin-1darwin-2darwin-3darwin-4darwin-5darwin-6darwin-7darwin-8darwin-9darwin-10darwin-11darwin-12darwin-13darwin-14darwin-15darwin-16darwin-17darwin-18darwin-19darwin-20darwin-21darwin-22darwin-23darwin-24darwin-25darwin-26darwin-27darwin-28darwin-29darwin-30darwin-31darwin-32darwin-33darwin-34darwin-35darwin-36darwin-37darwin-38darwin-39darwin-40darwin-41darwin-42darwin-43darwin-44