Random Ramblings from January

Let's just say, if the rest of the year is as awesome as January, then my high expectations for 2014 will definitely be met:) Here's what I've been up to:

  •  Ryan is working like a mad man to get his shop up and running. Thus, I have been plugging away at finalizing his logo (with much appreciated help from my dear friend Sonni) and getting the website up and running. Not to mention, making many a lists for marketing ideas!
  • Working on my own business end - lifestyle sessions, booking weddings, album designs, bookkeeping, etc. Never a dull moment here.
  • I was published on Life, Defined {Project}'s blog.
  • Shooting more just for myself. I tried not to set myself up for failure, so I'm not setting guidelines or anything. But I've been playing with my camera more vs. strictly working with it so that has been fun.
  • Hanging out with my bff, Rachel:) After 3 years of living on opposite sides of the world, we've got a lot of hanging out to catch up on!
  • I'm learning how to play bridge! Yes, my grandma is teaching us how to play and it's far more fun than I was anticipating. Perhaps I really am closer to 77 than 27?
  • Book Club! Woohoo. First book: A Tale for the Time Being - you will fall in love with Nao:)  I am so happy my sister, cousin and I reinstated this little "club" and next month we may have a new member - Erin!
  • I've joined a few photography groups which has definitely been keeping me creatively motivated. Perhaps it's the artist in me coming out again, but I've just been all over the place as of late so it's been nice to actually put my focus somewhere specific.
  • I've teamed up with Darwin Dogs to start shooting pets more frequently again! One of my true, true passions:)
  • I'm also working with Darwin Dogs on setting up the Darwin Dogs Pittie Parade (happening in May!) to peacefully protest the ban on specific dog breeds in Lakewood. Pretty exciting!
  • Practicing yoga more now than ever AND attended the 2nd Believe in CLE! So much fun!

Hmmm. I think that is about it at the moment, so I suppose my random ramblings have come to an end. Hope your year is proving to be just as fabulous!