My Best Friend's Farm

After nearly 3 years of living in South Korea, my best friend is finally "home" and my heart is happy again.

Last week I went and hung out at her family's farm, where I felt like I was 16 again - wandering around, me with a camera (with my new toy lens!) and Rachel being Rachel. t-1t-2t-3t-4t-5t-6Can you find me up there?!? t-7t-8t-9t-10t-11t-12t-13t-14t-15t-16t-17t-18t-19t-20t-21t-22t-23t-24t-25t-26t-27t-28t-29t-30t-31t-32t-33t-34t-35t-36t-37t-38t-39t-40t-41I'm so happy she's home, at least for now:)