Don't Stress the Dress


I know, you spent a lot of time searching for THE dress. You celebrated when you finally found THE ONE! It's kind of the center piece of the wedding, because YOU'RE the centerpiece of the wedding! But let me remind you...

  1. You get to wear this gem ONE TIME! That's it! Make the most of it and get your money's worth! If you want to lay in the grass, GO FOR IT! If you want to walk by the water, DO IT! Dance around and have fun, worry free!
  2. It's most likely white, or something close to it. The truth is, it's going to get dirty. But a little secret... considering it is an all white dress, I'm willing to bet you will be shocked that it isn't dirtier by the end of the night! 
  3. NO ONE is looking at the hem of your dress. NO ONE is looking down thinking, "oh man, if only it hadn't touched the ground." I promise!

Do you, have fun, and push the boundaries. Don't stress the dress!