Drea + Syd || Huntington Beach Lifestyle Session

I love this family as if they were my own family. Chris and Tracy have two of the sweetest and brightest girls I have ever had the pleasure of meeting - or rather, photographing. I am also such a sucker for sisters who are also best friends. I'm sure they have their fair share of quarrels, but I hope they can always look back on these images and remember just how much they love each other. b-1b-2b-3b-4b-5b-6b-7b-8b-9b-10b-11b-12b-13b-14b-15b-16b-17b-18b-19b-21b-22b-23b-24b-25b-26b-28b-29b-30b-31b-32b-33b-34b-35b-36b-37b-38b-39b-40b-41b-42b-43b-44b-45b-46b-47b-48b-49b-50b-51b-52b-53b-54b-55b-56b-57b-58b-59b-60b-61