Introducing Levi Matthew {Cleveland Birth Photographer}

This was an extra special session for me. Kaley and I were dear friends for many, many years. Then life happens and our lives took different paths. Never not friends, but we sadly drifted, as friendships tend to do through the course of life. (I am hoping this is a turning point, and we see each other more frequently than every 4 years!) When she contacted me back in October to document the birth of her second child, I was thrilled. As always, it is such an honor to be asked to be in a delivery room - but again, this one was extra special. I arrived at the hospital way earlier than necessary. I was so nervous of missing it! Levi had his own little agenda. He was staying in there until he was ready, but once he was ready he didn't waste any time! Once it was decided to get things rolling he made his move.I think he wanted his birthday to have a dramatic effect:) It worked too, as within minutes of his arrival, his entourage was there and ready to meet the birthday boy. Oh, how loved this little guy will forever be.

Congratulations, Mike, Kaley and Isaac! I am so thrilled to have been a part of Levi's big day!