Setting Boundaries

Last year was my first "real" year of photographing weddings. I have been doing portraits and the occasional wedding here and there for a few years, but I feel as though my business really started in 2012. With that said, I have learned a lot in the past 17 months. After each major event, I walked away having learned an important lesson. Stick to the timeline, be realistic with time,  keep everyone on track, explain this better, explain that better, tell them to move to a different location for better light, etc. etc. etc. What I've also learned, and even more important than what to do at the wedding or portrait session, is what to do outside of actually shooting. Set boundaries. Set office hours. Set my schedule. Don't book on day's I know I already have a personal obligation. This has been my hardest lesson to learn. I know that this is what I should be doing, but instead I let  my work and business run my life. Professionally and personally. Not a good thing if I don't want to get burned out before the busy season even starts.

This is still a new concept to me. I am still learning and still struggling with the balance between my home life and my work life. Of course they will intertwine, but I need to learn to separate them when it matters most. I need to set aside the time to walk and play with my boys, to have dinner ready without feeling rushed, to actually attend my niece's and nephew's birthday's and first communions instead of just sending the gift. I need to be present when I am there and not thinking about my to-do list and what needs edited and shipped and scheduled and printed and filed. I need to not check my work email in the produce section of the grocery store (yes, I actually do that!). So this is my goal: Set the boundaries and stick to them. 

And because no post should ever be without a photo, how cute are these two?!? Oh, my boys:)