Jessica + Mark's Cleveland Engagement

I stood at the counter, mindlessly wrapping cheap silverware in "fancy" paper napkins. While the other servers shuffled in, I was lost in my own little world wondering what the bloody hell I was going to do with my life. I had just graduated college and there I stood, wrapping silverware at my new job. Serving at a pizza shop. Far, far from where I'd ever dream of being. All of the sudden I was brought back to reality as a girl to my right cheerfully said, "Hi, I'm Jess." While I'm  not 100% positive how our first conversation went, it might as well have gone a little something like this:

Jess: I'm a nanny.

Me: Me too!

Jess: I have a nephew. His name is Ben.

Me: Me too! My nephew is like a year old.

Jess: Mine too!

Me: I have dog named Phoebe. I'm pretty sure she is the greatest thing to ever walk the earth.

Jess: Me too! I mean, I have a dog named Leary and I'm pretty sure HE is the greatest thing to walk the earth.

Me: I want to live in Europe.

Jess: I'm moving to Scotland.

We got along splendidly. And while that job was one of my all time least favorites, I did meet a few of my all time favorite people while working there and Jessica is one of them. Fast forward four years, several jobs, multiple relocations, and numerous cups of coffee later and we get to the part where Jess announces she's getting married! This incredibly awesome, generous, hilarious girl found her partner in crime and her forever other half. Words truly cannot express how honored I am to be the one to document the day she and Mark say I do.