Monday Mash-Up

In preparation for winter hours at the shop, I have been using my Mondays as a catch up day. Sometimes that means editing/emailing/filing/accounting/some other dreadful office duty that gets put on the back burner and other times it means folding three baskets of laundry/emptying the dishwasher/vacuuming/restocking our fridge/etc. On really great days it means going to yoga without feeling guilty. Today it will be a bit of all of that, minus the yoga and replacing it with dinner with my two greatest friends in the entire world. I'm also going to use this time to play catch up with my thoughts, in hopes it will clear my mind and rejuvenate me for this busy week ahead. So without further ado, here are some tidbits and lessons from last week:

  • I am the new photographer for Lakewood Animal Shelter, which officially makes me a volunteer for CCLAS! Just another something on my personal goals "to-do list" that I've finally gotten around to. I will be photographing all of the adoptable animals that come through (or at least most of them)! More on all of that later with a proper length blog post :)
  • I spent Saturday morning with my 2 year old nephew and it made me realize how fast time has been flying by. First of all, how is he already 2? Second, when did he learn to talk so well? On a side note, he is the easiest 2 year old in the history of the world. At least for those 3 hours I was with him. We literally ran errands all morning and he was as happy as can be the entire time. Probably because he is so effing adorable, and everywhere we go people comment on that fact. I mean, who doesn't like going out and about only to be doted upon by every single person they encounter?
  • Early morning pet sessions are becoming a new favorite of mine. The lighting is perfect (even if it's a bit drizzly), the wold is calm, and I get lots of puppy kisses to boot.
  • After going through a whiney, "I have no clothes" phase last week, I took an hour to go through every single  article of clothing I have. I got rid of 2 fully packed garbage bags of clothes and yet my closet has never seemed more full! I don't know what I am more excited about, the fact that I am totally pumped about my fall/winter wardrobe or the fact that I didn't have to spend a ton of money to obtain it. Win win.

And because no post should ever be without photos, check out Harvard (collar #146)! He is STILL available through Lakewood Animal Shelter...Collar 146 M_0001Collar 146 M_0002Collar 146 M_0004Collar 146 M_0005Collar 146 M_0006Collar 146 M_0007Collar 146 M_0009Collar 146 M_0010Collar 146 M_0011

All of these photos were taken within a 3 minute time frame. He is a total ham!