Bear + Mya

In my dream world, I own a horse. And I hang out with her in green pastures and read books. I think I also have long braid in my hair. Oh, and my hair is actually red. In my other dream world, my dogs are as well behaved as Bear. One can dream:) There is something really magical about shooting animals in the snow. While we dread the bitterness that comes with flurries of snow flakes, animals seem to embrace the beauty of the moment and understand that one most enjoy the simple pleasures of it before the spring sun takes it away. That's me over analyzing what is going through their heads, of course. But watching the way they play in it makes me love the winter even more. 

Within two minutes of being out of the barn, Mya was rolling around in the snow. I've never seen a horse roll unless it had colic, so it made startled me at first, but then when she did it again I just found it humorous. She rolled the same way my dogs do! Then there was Bear, who sprinted clumsily through the drifts, only stopping to shove his whole face in the snow and pull out sticks we had no idea were even under it. It was a perfect winter morning...


Also, Bear has the cutest dog face ever.