Cuyahoga National Valley Family Session | Brittany Graham Photography

This is the time of year that my calendar fills up before I've even actually looked at it. Before I know it, I'm booking into November and I haven't even had a chance to pull out my fall clothing. It's both fantastic and daunting all at the same time, as I end up feeling guilty for not having more time to to spend with my friends and family, let alone squeeze in a family session (for my OWN family members) as I know that they would never dare ask. 

So this year I got ahead of the game, scheduled a session for them and said, hey, be there! And I am so happy they obliged :) I mean come on, how stinking cute are my nieces and nephew?! Just saying. The best part, this session was under 15 minutes. Nailed it!

While the calendar is filling up insanely fast, I do still have a few week day slots open for anyone looking to squeeze in a Mini Session (like this one!) before the end of October :) Email me at: to book your session today!

Ari Turns 3!

The amazing thing about my job, is that I am always surrounded by so much love. Be it a wedding, a birth, a family of pets, or simply a walk around the neighborhood with a rambunctious three year old, love and joy are always bursting at the seems. I mean, lets be honest, no one ever contacts me and says, "we're miserable with our lives, come photograph us." Nope, instead I get to document the celebration of all that life has to offer.

With that said, there are definitely some sessions where there seems to be an extra little spark. I can't quite pinpoint what it is exactly, but I know it when I see it and this session here is a prime example of that. My grandmother was once describing my parent's relationship to me. She said that their life was like a party and with each one of us added to the mix, the party just seemed to get even more grand than before. For some reason that story was in the front of my mind while going through these images. The love that Ari's parents have for him truly seems to be a reflection of the love that they have for one another - Ari just made life that much more grand.

Happy Birthday, Ari!