Paperless Post

In the midst of planing my little one's first birthday, I've come across a new obsession. I had been searching and searching for the perfect invitation, and poof - out of nowhere, I am introduced to Paperless Post. Let me just say, I am completely obsessed and have had way too much fun playing around with the site. So much so that I almost forgot that I was supposed to be working on the party plans!

I love the idea of sending digital cards and invitations, but I never felt like they were quite personal enough. Once I started playing around on Paperless Post, I couldn't get over how many options there were, how many different ways you could customize it to fit your personal style, event, and details. Not to mention, the option to send personal notes to each recipient (even individually), the option to add a map for location, and registry's if you so choose to share. Seriously, the options are endless. 

Anyway, enough chatting about it, I figured I would share a little mock up from a recent shoot I did. Alice is also turning one soon, so she was the perfect little model for my sample birthday invitation!

I have shown a simple birthday invitation but you can also do save the dates,  weddings, birthday cards, baby showers, and holiday cards!

Anyway, I basically thought this digital way to send cards and invitations was the bee's knees and wanted to share it with you! If  printed cards stock is more your jam, have no fear, that is an option through Paperless Post as well!


Cleveland Flea | Cleveland Photographer

We are so lucky to have so many insanely creative and motivated people here in Cleveland. Not only does the flea host a spot for all of these creatives to gather and to create a perfect weekend afternoon for anyone who attends, but the people who actually PUT ON the flea are incredible! I can't even imagine how much work this must take! Such an awesome, on going event for our humble little city on the lake.

I stopped by for the first flea of the year a few weeks back and was blown away with how packed it was. I mean, I knew there would be a crowd, but holy smokes! I was bummed that I only had about 15 minutes to meander around before I had to head back to the westside, but I am looking forward to attending many more this season! Thank you Cleveland Flea!

The Flea has a Kickstarter Campaign going on right now. Buy Local, Support Local!

Ari Turns 3!

The amazing thing about my job, is that I am always surrounded by so much love. Be it a wedding, a birth, a family of pets, or simply a walk around the neighborhood with a rambunctious three year old, love and joy are always bursting at the seems. I mean, lets be honest, no one ever contacts me and says, "we're miserable with our lives, come photograph us." Nope, instead I get to document the celebration of all that life has to offer.

With that said, there are definitely some sessions where there seems to be an extra little spark. I can't quite pinpoint what it is exactly, but I know it when I see it and this session here is a prime example of that. My grandmother was once describing my parent's relationship to me. She said that their life was like a party and with each one of us added to the mix, the party just seemed to get even more grand than before. For some reason that story was in the front of my mind while going through these images. The love that Ari's parents have for him truly seems to be a reflection of the love that they have for one another - Ari just made life that much more grand.

Happy Birthday, Ari!


2014 Holiday Cards!

I had to run into Pat Catan's the other day and was shocked that they already had their Christmas trees and decorations up. I mean come on, it's not even Halloween yet! Then it dawned on me that my fall calendar is quickly filling up and I hadn't even booked my Holiday Card Sessions yet! EEEKKK.... With that said, I'm offering a few little promotions to go along with the release of our 5 amazing, (almost) fully customizable Holiday Cards. Here goes...

  • Book your Lifestyle Session by November 1st (session must take place by November 21st) and receive 25 FREE 5x7 Holiday Cards! - Space is limited so please contact me as soon as possible for open availability.
  • Already have a session (or wedding!) this year and wish to purchase cards using those images? Fabulous! Contact me before November 1st and receive 15% off your entire card order!


Arlo Turns One! // A Year in Photos

I honestly do not think that kids get much cuter than Arlo. How he hasn't been picked up as a little Gap model, is beyond me.

It has been such a pleasure watching Arlo grow this past year. I was there for his birth, and have photographed him roughly every 3 months since. He is such a little doll and couldn't have a better set of parents. The love Danny and Amanda have for this little boy is beyond words. Far beyond words.

Happy First Birthday, Arlo. And Happy One Year being "Mom + Dad", Amanda and Danny!