Cleveland Flea | Cleveland Photographer

We are so lucky to have so many insanely creative and motivated people here in Cleveland. Not only does the flea host a spot for all of these creatives to gather and to create a perfect weekend afternoon for anyone who attends, but the people who actually PUT ON the flea are incredible! I can't even imagine how much work this must take! Such an awesome, on going event for our humble little city on the lake.

I stopped by for the first flea of the year a few weeks back and was blown away with how packed it was. I mean, I knew there would be a crowd, but holy smokes! I was bummed that I only had about 15 minutes to meander around before I had to head back to the westside, but I am looking forward to attending many more this season! Thank you Cleveland Flea!

The Flea has a Kickstarter Campaign going on right now. Buy Local, Support Local!

That Time...

I ran into my husband while out shooting. I had just taken my camera out of  my bag when I looked up and saw him at the stop light. As he so rarely allows me to photograph him, I have to take advantage of these spontaneous events and make the most of them. I think I have a few new favorites of my all time favorite. It was the highlight of my morning.