That Time...

I ran into my husband while out shooting. I had just taken my camera out of  my bag when I looked up and saw him at the stop light. As he so rarely allows me to photograph him, I have to take advantage of these spontaneous events and make the most of them. I think I have a few new favorites of my all time favorite. It was the highlight of my morning.

Sunday Love || Lakewood, Ohio Pet Photography

As cliche as it may be, Sunday's are my favorite day of the week. For no reason other than my idealistic perfect setting. In my dream world, Sunday's mean homemade brunch, gardening, sipping wine tea in a hammock while reading a book, and listening to the birds sing. This is the fantasy that originally had me hooked on Sunday - I always thought that someday this would be my reality. But my reality is even better. I have always, and most likely will always, spend most of my Sunday's working. It is what it is. But come Sunday evening, it's just my three favorite boys and I hanging out in the backyard, playing soccer and indulging in vino. A perfect way to end the week or start a new one - whichever way you like to look at it.


He was so busy hamming it up for the camera, he never saw it coming:)b-29b-30b-31b-32b-33b-34b-35b-36b-37b-38b-39b-40b-41b-42